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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

9 months pregnant, sup.

How far along are you? I am 39 weeks. so so crazy.

Favorite part of pregnancy? I would have to say my favorite part is really just the feeling of having a little soul inside of me that I'm already bonding with. it's really so magical & hard to desribe.

Least favorite part? one word, heartburn.

Did you get morning sickness? YES! the whole first trimester and the beginning of the second. it was awful but my pregnancy since then has been pretty easy and uneventful so I guess I can't complain.

Have you been reading any pregnancy or parenting books? I have about 27(not really, but close ha!) pregnancy apps on my phone & they each have a little daily article or tip that I read first thing when I wake up. i've also become really into pregnancy podcasts(yes, that's a thing) and listen to those all the time. My favorites are The Longest Shortest Time & Pregtastic.

Do you have stretch marks? No, thank goodness. My mom didn't get any either so I think its just lucky genetics because I haven't really been using any lotions or creams like I should be. I am however starting to notice some varicose veins which in my opinion are worse!

How did you break the news to your husband? This is kind of embarrassing....I sent him a picture of my test through nothing other than Snapchat! lol I will elaborate on this story another time.

Overall Nate & I are just so excited to meet our baby boy who we already love so so much. it's weird being this close to the end and trying to picture what his little face will look like, how the delivery will go, and what it will be like to be a mom. so much unknown and SO many emotions.